The Road So Far: Part 1

I’m officially leaving the Pacific Northwest behind. I can’t quite decide why I’m so nervous about it, but part of me feels like this trip is really about to begin. Maybe it’s because I haven’t really left my comfort zone yet. Washington looks very much like Northern California. Everything is just a bit more here. The … More The Road So Far: Part 1

Day 2: Fort Bidwell

I was so excited to see McCloud, and not only because I was obsessed with Highlander as a child. I so wanted to hike around Castle Crags. But on my way to Tahoe, I started getting calls and texts from people, concerned about the smoke from the Klamathon fire. If it was just me, I’d … More Day 2: Fort Bidwell

Prepare for Launch

This is going to sound (at best) tangential and (at worst) fairly random, but a few days ago I was talking to a friend who’s currently going through a rough patch with his longterm girlfriend. He mentioned something that we sort of blew past in the moment to get to some deeper issues at hand, … More Prepare for Launch