Day 42: Sleeping & Tako Loves Tacos

Saturday night was so epic that I slept most of the day. I woke up to take the dog out and told him he should appreciate how much I love him.


He was unimpressed, and I went back to bed.

I woke up again to do a little writing, determined to at least be sort of productive. And then I fell asleep on the couch.

Finally, I awoke to the smell of dinner, which Shannon was kind enough to make. We had vegan black bean and roasted vegetable tacos and faux crema (which Shannon didn’t participate in as she is plant-based).


I don’t think they look anywhere near as good as they tasted. To be fair, they would have to be the most aesthetically pleasing tacos in existence to truly indicate how good they were.


Tako really wanted to get in on the taco night action.

One thing I love about this household is the sheer amount of hot sauce they have on hand at all times. The three you see on the table in the taco photo are three of my favorite hot sauces in existence.

IMG_1367 2
Spicy cut with a little sweetness.
Spicy with some smoky action. Current obsession.
Spicy with a vinegar tang.

And they represent a portion of the entire hot sauce collection.

The cute little furry thing you can see in the background is Lady, the other cat who lives here. You probably remember Kitsune but Lady hasn’t been amenable to photos since I arrived. Her crashing my hot sauce photo-shoot was a welcome surprise!

I love spicy food. I like food that makes me sweat. If I’m not sweating, then it’s not what I consider spicy. Molly & Shannon definitely agree. Jury’s out on Sean’s preferences. Maybe he’ll weigh in when they get back from vacation.

We also drank the wine that I bought for Tiffany’s dad. Since I didn’t meet up with her family, I’ve been toting it around since Montana. It was really fun to finally break it open and see what it was all about.

Shannon and I liked it just fine; it was a solid table wine. But I didn’t buy the special red that had won all the awards for Mission Mountain Winery, and I’m sure that one would have wowed us. I got a Syrah because I feel like Syrahs are always safe.

This bottle only served to reinforce that notion. It’s true, guys. You heard it here first. Syrah is always safe.

And just for fun, here’s my faux crema recipe.

Faux Crema

approximately 35 calories

1/4c 0% Fage Greek Yogurt*

juice 1/4 medium lime (or to taste)

salt to taste



I am so rested right now.



I got almost nothing done. Oops.



Driven: 7169mi

Hiked: 57mi

Written: 15k

Listening to: “Think” Aretha Franklin**


*Other nonfat greek yogurts I’ve tried have been too sweet to emulate the tang of sour cream; so accept no imitations. Fage or bust.

**This is one of my favorite songs of all time. I kind of want to cry listening to it now.

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