Accept & Let Go

After my latest update on The Road So Far, a friend of mine sent me this picture. I love seeing these little reminders that life is what we make it. I suppose you might call that mind over matter, but it’s really more mind over emotional well-being. I don’t know where I’ll be in a … More Accept & Let Go

Day 37: Brooklyn

I was lazy today. I fully admit it. I meant to head to the other end of Brooklyn since I haven’t explored over there much. But that didn’t happen. I didn’t leave the apartment until 10 a.m. — poor Tako — and meandered through Park Slope aimlessly because just wandering this city provides endless entertainment. … More Day 37: Brooklyn

Day 35: Brooklyn

The sun came out as soon as we set foot outside this morning, so Tako and I walked across Brooklyn to meet the besties before their flight. I had been moaning to Max about how I was tired of every single piece of clothing I brought with me on my trip, and she offered to … More Day 35: Brooklyn

Day 34: Brooklyn

We woke up when the entire brownstone shook for a few seconds thanks to the thunder. I got up to check out my first NYC thunderstorm. But then every phone in the apartment when off with an alert I’ve literally never heard in my life. Sean told me that flash flood warnings go off every … More Day 34: Brooklyn