Part Two: Sexual Harassment (mature material warning)

Mature Material Warning: This post contains screenshots of conversations containing sexual overtones. After my post yesterday, a few people have reached out to me. I’ve become aware that my messages (highlights are below) are absolutely tame compared to some of the filth he sent. I started this mini-series about an experience I recently had with … More Part Two: Sexual Harassment (mature material warning)

Day 49: Love Soup Episodes One & Two

For our first podcast, we rambled a bit longer than expected. We decided we’d keep them to 30 minutes going forward, so Episode Two is a bit faster of a listen. Episode One: Max, Kaitlin & Stuff Download this episode (right click and save)   Episode Two: Teen Rom Coms, Netflix Originals & Stuff … More Day 49: Love Soup Episodes One & Two

Day 45: Freelance Life

I was out on the stoop writing for a while, trying to square away two of the jobs I’ve been enjoying the least — hold on. I shouldn’t say that, actually. I love writing of all kinds, and I’ve written everything. Seriously, name it and I’ve written it for clients. Marketing copy Newsletters Product descriptions … More Day 45: Freelance Life