Biker Bubble

Throughout South Dakota, I saw more motorcycles than cars. Stop and think about that for a second. More motorcycles than cars in the middle of the country, where everything is so spread out, life requires that you drive everywhere. Walking to the store? Not really a thing in South Dakota. Granted, that doesn’t seem to … More Biker Bubble

Day 29: Sioux Falls, Clear Lake (sort of) & Minneapolis

Music was the theme of the day! If you’ve been following along with my breakdown section, you probably noticed that I hit the 5k mileage mark, so we spent the morning puttering around a mall in Sioux Falls while the car was serviced. I thought I scheduled the maintenance at the location near downtown, so … More Day 29: Sioux Falls, Clear Lake (sort of) & Minneapolis

Day 27: Rapid City

My Rapid City post is going to be extremely quick because we didn’t get to do much that you didn’t already see on my IG. Downtown Rapid City is beautiful. They had parklets on every corner… …and the town is full of brick, which of course is my catnip. Brick is literally everywhere. And how … More Day 27: Rapid City