Day 37: Brooklyn

I was lazy today. I fully admit it. I meant to head to the other end of Brooklyn since I haven’t explored over there much. But that didn’t happen. I didn’t leave the apartment until 10 a.m. — poor Tako — and meandered through Park Slope aimlessly because just wandering this city provides endless entertainment. … More Day 37: Brooklyn

Day 35: Brooklyn

The sun came out as soon as we set foot outside this morning, so Tako and I walked across Brooklyn to meet the besties before their flight. I had been moaning to Max about how I was tired of every single piece of clothing I brought with me on my trip, and she offered to … More Day 35: Brooklyn

Day 27: Rapid City

My Rapid City post is going to be extremely quick because we didn’t get to do much that you didn’t already see on my IG. Downtown Rapid City is beautiful. They had parklets on every corner… …and the town is full of brick, which of course is my catnip. Brick is literally everywhere. And how … More Day 27: Rapid City

Day 21 (Part 2): Glacier National Park & Central Montana

I am coming back and camping/boating/climbing/hiking the heck out of this park. Too bad Tako can’t come back with me, but he’s way too cute to be bear bait. Can we take a moment to acknowledge how much effort I put into getting just one semi-passable selfie with Tako? He is so uncooperative! I try … More Day 21 (Part 2): Glacier National Park & Central Montana

Day 21 (Part 1): Glacier National Park & Central Montana

This post is so picture-heavy, I need to separate it into two. Sorry, guys. Today was the day! We finally drove through Glacier National Park. That park is indescribably beautiful. The colors are way too vivid for my phone to even capture, and in the morning mist it looked ethereal and just too everything to … More Day 21 (Part 1): Glacier National Park & Central Montana