The Road So Far: Part 1

I’m officially leaving the Pacific Northwest behind. I can’t quite decide why I’m so nervous about it, but part of me feels like this trip is really about to begin. Maybe it’s because I haven’t really left my comfort zone yet. Washington looks very much like Northern California. Everything is just a bit more here. The … More The Road So Far: Part 1

Day 6: Portland

Tako is borderline passed out at all times from this heat. Poor pug. I’m not fairing very well, either, but my comfort zone is between 75-85F. (At temps lower than 75F, I always have a sweater handy.) So the heat doesn’t feel as extreme to me. Our first stop was Cathedral Park to check out … More Day 6: Portland

Day 4: Bend

I love it here so much. We got up early yesterday morning to get out on the trails because I read they could get packed, and I’m so glad we left at 6:45 a.m. to get there. By the time we were leaving the park at 9:30 a.m., there was a line of cars (mostly … More Day 4: Bend

Day 3: Bend

Can we talk about Bend, Oregon for a minute, please? Can we talk about how amazing Bend, Oregon is? If you have not been, please go immediately. But first the recap. Both Laurie (of Locavore Farms) & Pete (of Fort Bidwell Hotel) recommended I take Country Road 9 over the mountain and through Modoc National … More Day 3: Bend