The Road So Far: Part 1

I’m officially leaving the Pacific Northwest behind. I can’t quite decide why I’m so nervous about it, but part of me feels like this trip is really about to begin. Maybe it’s because I haven’t really left my comfort zone yet. Washington looks very much like Northern California. Everything is just a bit more here. The … More The Road So Far: Part 1

Day 14: Newcastle

I woke up today (my last full day in Seattle!) before any of my friends, so I took Tako on a short early-morning hike along the Coal Creek Trail. I guess I’ve forgotten to mention until now that my friends live in a neighborhood that has a view of Mt. Rainier. They didn’t warn me … More Day 14: Newcastle

Day 13: Seattle

I danced so much last night that my abs hurt. Today, I planned to go to brunch with friends, pick up Tako, go for a short hike with him, and then make dosa & idli with Sumit & Ashwini and a couple of their friends. Except picking up Tako, nothing went as I had planned. … More Day 13: Seattle

Day 12: Seattle

Tako and I took it easy on Day 12 because Sumit, Ashwini & I were going to an all-night dance party. So we hung out at the house, caught up the blog, and then I took Tako to Paradise Pet Lodge. The plan was an overnight stay for him, with some playtime and grooming thrown … More Day 12: Seattle